Air Speeder Plus


AIR SPEEDER PLUS. To meet the demand for further lightweight models.

Originally introduced in 2014, AIR SPEEDER has proven to high demand for lightweight models.
Because AIR SPEEDER has only one flex, We have now a new option is available with AIR SPEEDER PLUS. AIR SPEEDER PLUS has slightly mild bending compare to AIR SPEEDER, it is geared towards golfers with more aggressive swing tempos not only slow swing tempos.

The background to launch “ AIR Speeder Plus”

Air Speeder, launched in March 2014, was received many praises and achievement from market by fundamental needs in light weight range shafts and achievement more fast head speed with Fujikura technology. (sold 6,433 pcs to December 2014)。

However, it had have only one flex and it could not provide decent shaft if it did not fit to one customer. Also, as other problem, it could not cover from Driver to Fairway only by one flex AIR Speeder. So due to solve these problems, “Air Speeder Plus” will be launched.

Air Speeder Technology

Characteristic of Air Speeder Plus

・ Recommend to anyone feel “too bend” with Air Speeder.

・ Enable to cut to 0.5” from tip side


Air Speeder plus

Air Speeder Plus

Air Speeder plus fairway

Air Speeder Plus  Fairway

Air Speeder plus utility

Air Speeder Plus  Utility

Air Speeder plus Iron

Air Speeder plus Iron

Air Speeder plus


Specification(Tentative value))

Low                                    Med,                                  High
Course of the ball 
Fade                               Straight                               Draw
Shaft type 
Control                                                                 Distance


AIRSPD PLUS 46.0 35.5 8.5 8.50 14.90 先中 AIRSPD ¥45,000
AIRSPD FW PLUS 43.0 42.0 5.8 8.50 15.05 先中 AIRSPD ¥28,000
AIRSPD UT PLUS 41.0 43.5 5.5 8.95 15.00 先中 AIRSPD ¥23,000



42.5 4.8 9.35 14.90 先中 AIRSPD ¥15,000