With the addition of MCT we are able to add stability to the trampoline effect of Evolution.

The Best feature is the integration of Fujikura's Proprietary Metal Composite Technology.
With the application of MCT below the grip position golfers can feel the explosive power in their fingertips.
This design also helps to keep the golfers hands closer to the body during the swing which increases swing speed without exerting more effort. This technology results in longer shots and unprecedented ball speeds.
With its middle kick point and placement of MCT under the grip timing your shot has never been so easy.
With the latest material, super elastic 90ton carbon and Toray's T1100G, it keeps the Genetics of Evolution but also provides additional speed throughout the swing and at impact.

Metal Composite Technology [MCT]

With the adoption of the Metal Composite Technology (MCT) below the grip position, it is easier to maximize power on the downswing. it also allows the golfer to keep the hands closer to the body during the swing which helps achieve transfer of power at impact.

Metal Composite Technology (MCT) is the latest CG Improvement by Fujikura which joins Composite Carbon with an array of metals. With this technology it allows us to maximize our design portfolio.

Metal Composite Technology

Super elastic 90ton carbon sheet

Fujikura utilized the worlds stiffest “90 ton Carbon Sheet.” This contributes to this shafts ease of playability and its increased velocity at impact. It is not only an easy to swing golf shaft with its middle kick point design but it also achieves more carry distance due to its increased transfer of power at impact and higher ball speeds.

Toray's new material [T1100G]

Fujikura integrated the newly developed T1100G material created by Toray’s Matrix Resin Technology. This particular Carbon Fiber has both a high intensity and high elasticity to maximize your swings acceleration and impact power.



Speeder 474 Evolution2

Speeder 474 EvolutionⅡ

Speeder 569 Evolution2

Speeder 569 EvolutionⅡ

Speeder 661 Evolution2

Speeder 661 EvolutionⅡ

Speeder 757 Evolution2

Speeder 757 EvolutionⅡ

Speeder Evolution2



Low                                    Med,                                  High
Course of the ball 
Fade                               Straight                                Draw
Shaft type 
Control                                                                 Distance
ModelFlexLengthWeightTorqueTip-DiaButt-DiaK.P.Distribution of curvaturePrice
SPD474 EVOⅡ R2 47.0 49.5 5.1 8.50 14.95 M ¥40,000
no Tax
R 49.5 15.00
SR 51.0 15.05
S 52.5 15.10
SPD569 EVOⅡ R 56.5 4.2 15.05 M
SR 58.5 15.10
S 59.5 15.15
X 61.0 15.20
SPD661 EVOⅡ SR 67.5 3.8 15.15 M
S 69.0 15.20
X 70.5 15.25
SPD757 EVOⅡ S 77.0 3.2 15.30 M
X 78.5 15.35

※The price is a suggested retail price. Not included an assembling cost and grip fee.
※Calculated the butt O.D. at 150 mm location from the edge of butt.