Developed for maximum performance

Developed for maximum performance with the most cutting-edge materials.
Smooth loading provides better stability at impact.

The fourth generation Speeder Evolution, the Speeder Evolution IV optimizes the load and
kick with a Mid-bend profile that is based on EVOLUTION II.Continuing from EVOLUTION II and III,
Speeder Evolution IV utilizes Fujikura’s proprietary Metal Composite Technology (MCT)
which provides added stability and 90 ton carbon material which provides more kick speed.
In addition EVOLUTION IV utilizes MR70 as another special material which is
a high-performance intermediate modulus and utilizes low-Resin carbon
which prevents excess load movement and gives more stability.
By incorporating the characteristics of the Evolution II and III,
the Speeder Evolution IV provides more distance through smooth swing load and accurate impact.

Composited 「Copper sheet」 by Fujikura patent technology, MCT.
The world “Stiffest” carbon fiber 「90t carbon sheet」
High-performance intermediate modulus material「“Pyrofil”MR70 」
Low-Resin Carbon sheet 「RC※20% Prepreg」

Composited 「Copper sheet」 by Fujikura patent technology, MCT.

MCT is extremely strong, but also enables us to add weight in key points in the shaft for improved feel or kick speed. The addition of the Metal Composite Technology (MCT) below the grip position creates a slight counterbalance feel to help with swingweight and increase club speed.

Metal Composite Technology (MCT) is the latest CG Improvement by Fujikura which joins Composite Carbon with an array of metals. With this technology it allows us to maximize our design portfolio.

Composited 「Copper sheet」 by Fujikura patent technology, MCT.

The world “Stiffest” carbon fiber 「90t carbon sheet」

It has been used in EVO2 and EVO3 and Jewel Line (Platinum, ONYX and Diamond Speeder) and is now in the EVO4. 90t carbon is exceptionally expensive, thin and strong material to reduce weight while maintaining stability.

High-performance intermediate modulus material「“Pyrofil”MR70 」

MR70 has been adapted for Fujikura Jewel Line “DIAMOND Speeder” which was launched in April 2017. MR70 is one of the newest advanced carbon fiber technologies used in golf featuring ultra-lightweight strength for speed and stability throughout the swing.


Low-Resin Carbon sheet 「RC20% Prepreg」

Laminated in the entire length of the shaft. It helps to reduce unnecessary movement of shaft and provide more smooth bending.
※volume(%) occupied by resin per mass unit

Low-Resin Carbon sheet 「RC※20% Prepreg」


By moving the bias layer in between the layers of straight-aligned material, it provides for a much smoother loading and feel of the shaft.



Speeder 474 Evolution4

Speeder 474 EvolutionⅣ

Speeder 569 Evolution4

Speeder 569 EvolutionⅣ

Speeder 661 Evolution4

Speeder 661 EvolutionⅣ

Speeder 757 Evolution4

Speeder 757 EvolutionⅣ

Speeder Evolution4





Course of the ball 


Shaft type 


ModelFlexLengthWeightTorqueTip-DiaButt-DiaM/HDistribution of
SPD474 EVOⅣ R2 47.0 45.5 5.3 8.50 15.00


R 47.0 5.2 15.05
SR 48.5 15.10
S 50.0 15.15
SPD569 EVOⅣ R 56.0 4.6 15.10 SPD569 EVOⅣ
SR 57.5 15.15
S 59.0 15.20
X 60.5 15.25
SPD661 EVOⅣ SR 65.5 3.7 15.20 SPD661 EVOⅣ
S 67.5 15.25
X 69.5 15.30
SPD757 EVOⅣ S 77.0 3.1 15.35 SPD757 EVOⅣ
X 79.0 15.40

※The price is a suggested retail price. Not included an assembling cost and grip fee.
※Calculated the butt O.D. at 150 mm location from the edge of butt.