Finally, debut of the new long-distance shaft. For more and more long distance.

Speeder EVOLUTION is adopted a new material, "Triax Core Technology, 50-ton carbon fider" which is also used for Japanese artificial satellite, HAYABUSA.
And it is first time to use for golf shafts.
The head is advanced 5.7mm more than Motore Speeder at impact.
The loft degree is risen 0.39 more.
The common sense "the high roft→high spin" is changed into " the high roft→low spin".
The end result is More More SPEED!

New advanced materials from Toray "T1100G"

A prepreg combined New advanced materials from Toray "T1100G" with New matrix resin Technology are adopted.
It allows "SPEEDER" to enhance the characteristics (and srtong point).

東レ 新素材「T1100G」の複合


Triax Core Technology Evolution

It is the first time to use "Triax Core Technology" which is used for the satellite, HAYABUSA.
Speeder EVOLUTION is also designed Triax-three directical woven graphite materials on the inside layer of the shafts.

The resutls is adding more SPEED and stable.


Triax Core Technology Evolution


High manufactuing techniques

By joint development with TORAY, we succeeded in using RC 20% sheet in straight layer.
It allows to eliminate from generating useless movement and damp the unexpected motion.

Swing Simulation(Compared with Motore SPEEDER)

・Advenced 5.7mm more at the impact.

・The loft degree is risen 0.39 more.



Speeder Evolution474

Speeder 474 Evolution

Speeder Evolution569

Speeder 569 Evolution

Speeder Evolution661

Speeder 661 Evolution

Speeder Evolution787

Speeder 757 Evolution

Speeder Evolution



Low                                    Med,                                  High
Course of the ball 
Fade                               Straight                                Draw
Shaft type 
Control                                                                 Distance
ModelFlexLengthWeightTorqueTip-DiaButt-DiaK.P.Distribution of curvaturePrice
SPD 474 EVO R2 47.0 46.5 5.5 8.50 15.10 M/H ¥40,000
(no Tax)
R 46.5 15.10
SR 47.5 15.15
SPD 569 EVO R 55.5 4.4 15.25 M/H
SR 57.5 15.30
S 59.0 15.35
SPD 661 EVO SR 64.0 3.7 15.25 M/H
S 66.0 15.30
X 67.5 15.35
SPD 757 EVO S 77.5 3.3 15.45 M/H
X 79.5 15.50