Zero Speeder

Launched twenty gram level shaft Sub thirty gram shaft

Beyond "Air"

Air Speeder was designed to achieve the lightest playing shaft with "Speeder" performance/technology,
and we were able to design a 33g shaft.
We then pursued creating the lightness and strength beyond the "Air Speeder."
We eventually designed the worlds lightest shaft at 29.5g at a full 46" with completed cosmetics.
We are proud to launch the "Zero Speeder" with higher quality and design technology
that is essential to achieve the mass production for a 20g range of shaft.
"ZERO Speeder" will carry you beyond the wall with not only its lightness but its flexabiliy and power.

Background of Development

"Air Speeder" launched in March of 2014 and instantly achieved success beyond our expectations from the golfing public.
It was an unexpected surprise for us that the market demands for such a light weight product were so large.
In April of 2014 our design team was now able to offer the extreme light weight category in both woods and irons.

Process of Development

How do you accomplish head-speed acceleration and powerful impacts and still maintain the strength of a 20g shaft?
Start by analyzing the strength of various shafts to find two essential design factors .

  1. Adjust the thickness in the tip section and low E.I. design for more acceleration
  2. Optimized the angle ratio of carbon sheets to transmit the power at impact.

With two major design factors achieved, light weight and powerful impacts become a reality.
This is the fruit of Fujikura's high level of technology, from the production line to the attitude for craftmanship make Fujikura Quality.

Air Speeder Technology

Technology of ZERO Speeder

1. Accumulation of multi-hoop plies

By layering multiple hoop-plies prevents ovalizaion from the inside and outside of the shaft by double-ply accumulation.
This technology increases strength during the swing by preventing ovalization.

2. Design for higher torque

Similar to Air Speeder, torque is 10.8 for both flexibility and strength.

3. Ultrathin painting

Improved painting process, we used 0.7g of paint with Zero Speeder compared to 1.5g for Air Speeder. Reducing paint weight by 0.8g.

Air Speeder Technology


ZERO Speeder

ZERO Speeder

ZERO Speeder



ITEMLengthWeightTorqueTip O.D.Butt O.D.K.PDistribution of curvaturePrice
46.0 29.5 10.8 8.50 14.60 L/M JPY70000

・The price is a suggested retail price. Not included an assembling cost and grip fee.
・Calculated the butt O.D. at 150 mm location from the edge of butt.