MCH is for Hybrid

New technology in Fujikura is composited carbon and steel.
It is for Hybrid shafts.It helps to aim the green with MCH.

Metal Composite Technology(MCT)

This is the trade name showing technology and concept developed to unite metal and CFRP.


Metal Composite Technology(MCT)

Comparing MCT with conventional graphite;

・50~70g are helps to rise the ball and high trajectry.
・80,90g is for golfers using MCI100 or 120. It helps to control easily.
・Over 90% of progolfers are using the carbon shafts.(By darell)
・Tip-dia is 350tip.


The best gravity point

MCT is helpd to the best gravity point.



MCI Silver


MCI Silver

MCI Black


MCI Black


Model Flex Length Weight Torque Tip-Dia Butt-Dia K.P. Distribution of curvature Price
MCH 50 R 42.0 53.5 4.5 8.95 15.05 M/H ¥16,000
(No Tax)
S 55.0 15.10
MCH 60 R 63.5 3.7 15.10 M/H
S 65.0 15.15
MCH 70 R 76.0 3.3 15.10 M/H
S 77.5 15.15
X 80.5 15.20
MCH 80 S 85.0 3.1 15.25 L/M
X 86.5 15.30
MCH 90 S 93.5 2.7 15.35 L/M
X 95.0 15.40

Made in JAPAN